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Business Areas : Marketing
Our Domestic Business

We were the 75th ranked pharmaceutical company in India in 1995 and have grown significantly since then. Between the 12 months ended March 31, 2008 and the 12 months ended March 31, 2013, our domestic branded generics business has grown at a CAGR of 16.4% while the Indian pharmaceutical market has grown at a CAGR of 13.7%.

We are ranked as the 7th largest pharmaceutical company in the therapeutic areas in which we operate (Source: IMS Health India, SSA, March 2013). We have increased our focus on chronic therapeutic areas, which have grown at a faster rate than acute therapeutic areas. The share of our total sales attributable to chronic therapies has increased over the past five years. We intend to continue to build our pipeline of products for chronic therapies.

Our products are classified on the basis of their therapeutic use. Our top three therapeutic areas, cardiology, gynecology and anti-infectives, together constituted 54.8% of our total sales in Domestic Market. (Source: MAT, March 2013)

Among the top 300 brands in India, we have eight brands covering diverse therapeutic areas:

  • Orofer XT (Haematologics/ iron preparations)
  • Vintor (blood related)
  • Orofer S (Haematologics/ iron preparations)
  • Asomex (cardio/ anti hypertension)
  • Metpure XL (cardio/ anti hypertension)
  • Augpen (antibiotics)
  • Bevon (vitamins/ minerals/ nutrients)
  • Zostum (antibiotics)

(Source: IMS Health India, TSA, MAT March 2013.)

In-licensing, Intellectual Property License Rights and Other Partnerships

We have partnered with several multi-national corporations to market their products in India. The collaboration enables these corporations to leverage our strength in sales and marketing to expand their presence in India and on the other hand, allows us to expand and offer a larger portfolio of products. Recently, we have entered into the following in-licensing arrangements, intellectual property license rights or other partnership rights:

  • Roche : We have an co-marketing arrangement with Roche for three of its key innovative biologial products within India - Peg-interferon alfa – 2A 40KD (Taspiance), Trastuzumab (Biceltis) and Rituximab (Ikgdar). Within this arrangement we are marketing these products under separate Roche trademarks in India
    Under an existing memorandum of understanding, we will also enter into loan-license agreements with Roche (India). under which we will initially label and pack and later fill-finish Trastuzumab and Rituximab to be marketed by both, Roche and us under separate Roche trademarks, for Indian market.
  • Sanofi : Through our Subsidiary, we have an agreement to exclusively market Sanofi – Pasteur’s Verorab® (Rabies Vaccine) in India. We also have a non-exclusive distribution agreement with Sanofi India for their anti-diabetic product “Daonil” for India and Nepal.
  • Novartis : We have entered into a co-marketing agreement with Novartis (India) for its products Vysov® and Vysov®-M across India.
  • Vifor : We have been granted an IP license to be able to manufacture and commercialize our own iron complex (ferric carboxymaltose) product in India.
  • Janssen R&D Ireland (formerly Tibotec Pharmaceuticals) : We have been granted a non-exclusive license to manufacture and commercialize rilpivirine in 112 countries including India.
  • BMS : We have been granted a royalty free exclusive license to market Atazanavir in India.

Regulated Markets
We commenced our sales and marketing operations in the United States through our acquisition of Heritage in April 2011. Heritage, our wholly owned Subsidiary, is a New Jersey-based generic pharmaceutical company focused on the acquisition, licensing, development, sale and marketing of generic prescription products in the United States.

Under the Heritage label, we focus our sales primarily on the retail market, which includes national drug wholesalers, distributors, cooperatives and chain pharmacies. We also promote the sales efforts of wholesalers and drug distributors that sell Heritage’s products to clinics, governmental agencies and other managed health care organizations.

We have relationships with some of the leading multi-national pharmaceutical companies in the world such as Pfizer, BMS, Teva and Mylan, for whom we currently manufacture products for Regulated Markets. While we will continue to focus on building our sales, focusing on products with high entry barriers and limited competition, and build on our existing relationships.

  • Pfizer : We have a manufacturing and supply agreement for different oral solid products for the United States market. We have also out-licensed an Injectable product for the North American market.
  • BMS : We supply three solid oral products for the Regulated Markets – Sustiva, Zerit and Videx.
  • Teva : Since 2007, we have been manufacturing solid orals. We currently produce several products for the North American markets.
  • Sandoz : We are a supplier of products to Sandoz for the United States.
  • Mylan : We have recently signed a manufacturing and supply agreement to handle various products for the United States.
  • Sagent : We developed and handle commercial supplies of technologically challenging products such as Atracurium for the United States markets under Sagent’s ANDAs.

Relationships with multi-national companies have provided us with a deeper understanding of the Regulated Markets in terms of regulatory requirements, logistics and supply chain management.

Rest of World
We sell and market our products in over 65 countries in the Rest of World, targeting Africa, the Commonwealth of Independent States, Latin America, the Middle East, and South East Asia. Many of these markets have similar characteristics to the Indian pharmaceutical market, such as rising income levels, improving healthcare infrastructure, self-pay healthcare systems and less stringent regulations than the Regulated Markets, all of which we believe creates a favorable market environment for selling pharmaceutical products (branded generics).

We cater to the Rest of World through our differentiated portfolio (including chiral molecules and biosimilars) of pharmaceutical products (branded generics) focused on oncology, cardiology, nephrology, blood related, antiretrovirals and gynecology. We continue to file product registrations to further penetrate the Rest of World.

We sell and market our products through important alliances with local partners and multi-national pharmaceutical companies and, increasingly, through our own in-house sales efforts in select markets. We expect to continue to expand our in-house sales and marketing efforts in select geographies. In some of these markets, we also enter into technology transfer agreements on either profit sharing or royalty based models whereby our partners import APIs from us and locally manufacture (under our manufacturing process) the pharmaceutical product.
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