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Business Areas : Manufacturing
We operate nine manufacturing facilities including eight in India and one in the United States. Five of our facilities are approved by USFDA. We manufacture a wide range of pharmaceutical products for Domestic Market and international markets as well as APIs predominantly for use in manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, which has allowed us to benefit from vertical integration, allowing us to source quality APIs in a cost effective and timely manner.

We believe that quality, compliance and the environment, health and safety of our manufacturing facilities are of paramount importance to our manufacturing operations. Our environment, health and safety initiatives help us to ensure the safety of the manufactured products, our employees and the environment. For example, we have created facilities to handle products with special needs such as facility using isolator technology for high potency products, temperature and humidity controlled environments.

Our state-of-the-art facilities implement international cGMP to produce quality products. Our facilities comply with international cGMP as required by the various regulatory bodies that have accredited us including those in India, the USFDA, the UK-MHRA, ANVISA Brazil and MHLW Japan.

We are capable of manufacturing a wide range of dosage forms including oral solids, oral liquids, soft gelatin capsules and injectables. We have also demonstrated our ability to handle complex manufacturing processes, such as lyophilization and complete isolation technology to manufacture cytotoxic products. We also handle products that require a specialized environment with, among other things, controlled release pharmaceutical products, controlled humidity and temperature conditions

Solid Orals

We currently produce several billions of tablets annually at our facilities located in Hinjewadi, Jammu and East Brunswick, New Jersey. We are also able to produce a wide range of pharmaceutical products including dissolvable and chewable tablets and hard and soft-shelled capsules with a focus on controlled release. We have the ability to develop taste masking tablets as well, such as anti-allergic and iron tablets with no metallic aftertaste to ensure better patient compliance. Other novel drug delivery systems that we build into solid orals include sublingual and oral disintegration technology. Hot melt technology is currently being applied to antiretrovirals such as Ritonovir to make it heat resistant. Some of our products also include tablet in tablet / bi-layer tablet technologies to pair multiple pharmaceutical products.


We currently manufacture injectable products in our facility at Hinjewadi and have commenced manufacturing injectable products at our Jammu facility. Our injectables manufacturing facilities are able to handle different packaging formats, such as vials and pre-filled syringes, and forms, such as lyophilized and liquid. We are also able to produce high potency injectables, particularly oncology products, at our cytotoxic facility by using isolation technology, which is particularly complex.

Soft-gelatin Capsules

We manufacture pharmaceutical products as soft-gelatin capsules through our manufacturing facility in East Brunswick, New Jersey, which is USFDA, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) and U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) compliant. We believe that the U.S. market for soft-gelatin capsules will continue to grow as the average age of the U.S. population increases.

cGMP facility for API manufacturing spread over 39 acres Cytotoxic API Manufacturing Facility

Our manufacturing facilities in Kurkumbh and Pimpri allow us to manufacture several different APIs simultaneously. Our Kurkumbh manufacturing facility has four distinct blocks: intermediates, iron compounds, general purpose and cytotoxics. The facility is capable of handling various reactions including Grignard, Palladium based Heck and Suzuki cross-coupling, Friedel-Craft alkylation, asymmetric reactions and reductions, as well as the capability to handle various pyrophoric and hazardous reagents at very low temperatures.

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