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Business Areas : Biotechnology Research
Through our Subsidiary, Gennova, we focus on biotechnology research for biosimilars, vaccines and mAbs using recombinant DNA technology.

Biosimilars : We focus on biosimilars of recombinant therapeutic innovator products, particularly for three key therapeutic areas: cardiovascular, nephrology and oncology. Our biosimilar research benefits from Gennova’s three commonly used expression platforms (mammalian, yeast and bacterial) and perfusion-based bioreactor systems. We have also patented the manufacturing process used to produce some of the products we market in India.

Vaccines and mAbs : We have various vaccines and mAbs programs in the development phase that are funded by public-private partnerships. Funding for our vaccines and mAbs research has allowed us to collaborate with leading medical institutions on several blood stage and transmission blocking malaria vaccine candidates. These partnerships allow us to build our analytical capabilities as we build our in house mAbs program using our perfusion based production system.

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